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ClubManager helps Clubs and Sports Institutions professionalize its work and keep track of its players for decision-making and all-round improvement.


We developed a simple and friendly platform to perform all those expensive and complicated tasks.

With ClubManager you will be granted access to all of the Club’s sports information, including team data and players history, from any device.

You can easily share videos, statistics and players’ best marks.

We will help you avoid errors and identify opportunities.


  • Improve players’ assessment and enhance their commercial or sporting possibilities.
  • Share players’ profiles, including their best videos, photos and stats.
  • Gather all information about players, matches, training, evaluations and videos in one place
  • Look for information anytime, anyplace and from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Presentation of tailor-made reports of matches, training, evaluations and players’ history in the Club that will assist your decision-making process with historical and objective information.
  • Customization of match information, training and evaluations.
  • Allows quick searches through all available information.

Main features