The best video-analysis platform used by professional coaches

VideoStats main features

Study your opponents in detail


VideoStats classifies and breaks down each and every action of the game, and can be seen on video with just a click.

  • Defensive events
  • Attacking events
  • Defensive-attacking transitions
  • Attacking-defensive transitions
  • Pass Success
  • Free kicks
  • Fouls committed/received
  • Ball possession
  • And more than 150 categories

Information at your fingertips

  • Player and Team Technical Performance
  • Analyze and compare results
  • Detailed statistical analysis
  • Create custom videos
  • Statistics linked to video footage
  • Search filters: action, player, area of the pitch, time, and much more
  • More than 150 different aspects of the game


Work environment

  • Cloud storage
  • Friendly
  • Multi-user
  • Share with players through Whatsapp
  • Used by coaches of Professional Clubs and National Teams
  • Can analyze multiple games at a time, focusing on specific aspects
  • Multi-device

Go Professional

  • Designed for high-level competition
  • Used by elite coaches and clubs
  • 10 years of experience
  • Enhance team’s strengths and avoid errors
  • Detailed analysis of teams and players
  • We provide experience working in high-level performance


New drawing tool on video

Improve your analysis and strategy definition with the new drawing tool on video. You can add different shapes, colors and text. Save your new sequence, play and edit it whenever you need.



“I believe it’s very important to support the analysis of your own team and opponents with trustworthy data. No matter how objective the coach is trying to be, there will always be some bias, and sometimes the match analysis can surprise you”
Óscar Tabárez, Uruguay National Team Head Coach
“It’s an essential tool for high-level competition. The knowledge of my opponents and all statistical information based on video provides me a competitive advantage during the game planning process”
Alfredo Arias, Club Sport Emelec Head Coach
“This software is a great and practical contribution from a scientific point of view, an aspect that is very much needed by today’s sport”
Gerardo Pelusso, Former Atlético Nacional Head Coach - 2015 Copa Sudamericana Champion